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The more things change, the more they stay the same…

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a conversation like this, I wouldn’t have to scrounge through ditches collecting pop cans to pay my bills:
(Enter two young people, stage right)
1: I’m so glad that we get to lead worship on Youth Sunday. It’s about time someone did something different.
2. True dat! Old people are so stuck in their ways. They never want to do anything different.
1. Preach it! So what songs should we use?
2. Well, last time we used three Hillsong United tunes and two Jesus Culture tunes. Let’s get crazy and use three Jesus Culture tunes and two Hillsong tunes!
1. That’s wack! I like it!
2. Hold on… the youth pastor says that they want us to do at least one hymn…
1. You mean something by Paul Baloche?
2. No, like a real honest to goodness hymn. Like Amazing Grace or something… don’t they know that young people don’t do hymns?
1. Word… some people just can’t handle doing things a little differently.

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